Vertiv Racks and Enclosures

Racks and Enclosures

You want optimal performance, easy deployment and scalability for your IT systems and data centers. Our data center racks and enclosures provide support and protection to your critical IT and facilities. As you grow your business, our modular solutions and mobile designs adapt to your space and budget needs.

Vertiv Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Vertiv’s integrated solutions, including prefabricated rack, row, aisle, and modular data centers, built in flexible designs based on proven configurations are made to evolve and change. Normalize design and harmonize systems across all of your edge sites (locally, regionally and globally) to allow for easier design, implementation, management, and replication.

Vertiv Racks and enclosures

Racks and Enclosures

In the modern data center landscape, standardization is becoming the norm. Starting with flexible, easily installed, adaptable and pre-configured customized server racks and network cabinets saves you costs, footprint and it increases the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your critical infrastructure – even as they evolve and change.

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