Power outages can harm mission-critical operations, whether they occur in busy retail stores, on manufacturing floors, or in work-from-home environments. When outages occur, they take down vital industry and digital operations, costing organizations productivity and lost revenues.

In addition, business operations may take place in non-temperature-controlled environments, where high temperatures degrade the valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries used in many uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). As a result, organizations are looking for different options for their backup power supply.

Vertiv is expanding its lithium-ion portfolio with the launch of its new single-phase standby long-life UPS, the Vertiv™ Liebert® Power-UPS Lithium. The Liebert Power-UPS Lithium can be used for cloud, colocation, energy/utilities retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications applications and to support digital staff working from home. This 400VA / 240W UPS offers industry and business buyers with compelling advantages including:

  • Gaining a true set-and-forget solution: Many businesses don’t have IT staff in local facilities and stores. As a result, they want to deploy set-and-forget UPS solutions that require minimal maintenance.The Liebert Power-UPS Lithium has a long-life lithium battery that provides users with peace-of-mind and power continuity. Whereas a VRLA battery might need to be replaced every three to four years, the Liebert Power-UPS lithium solution has an expected battery length of eight to 10 years. At that point, users can purchase another Liebert Power-UPS Lithium and continue to enjoy many more years of predictable backup power supply.
  • Reducing the total cost of ownership: With a long-life UPS solution that provides reliable performance, organizations can reduce equipment costs and expensive truck rolls. This adds up to a significantly lower total cost of ownership across the Liebert Power-UPS Lithium lifespan.
  • Protecting mission-critical operations: Downtime is costly. In manufacturing, even short outages can disrupt production and cause quality issues. In retail, unplanned downtime means staff and customers can’t complete transactions, causing lost revenues. And in a home environment, two hours offline can mean lost digital worker productivity that costs companies hundreds of dollars or more.With three minutes of runtime at full load and 12 minutes at half-load, Liebert Power-UPS Lithium provides enough time for manufacturers to automatically redirect production loads and retail staff and customers to complete sales. It also delivers power backup for home Wi-Fi routers for up to two hours, enabling home-based employees to continue working, potentially until power is restored.
  • Ensuring reliable performance: Industry operations aren’t always climate-controlled. Point-of-sale technology may be stored in non-air-conditioned cabinets, while manufacturing operations take place on busy production floors.Lithium-ion batteries are more heat-tolerant than VRLA batteries. Liebert Power-UPS Lithium can be placed in spaces with poor airflow and operating environments that exceed 90ºF without suffering significant performance degradation.
  • Gain backup power supply in tight spaces: Smaller and lighter lithium-ion batteries reduce UPS weight, making them easier to install.Liebert Power-UPS Lithium can be placed in tight spaces, like retail point of sale cabinets or next to operational technology on manufacturing floors. This small UPS can be placed horizontally on a shelf or placed anywhere in a work from home environment.
  • Benefitting from a recyclable solution: Many companies are seeking to achieve environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) goals by reducing product waste. The Vertiv lithium-ion UPS, battery, and packaging are recyclable, minimizing device waste.

Bring the benefits of lithium-ion to your business

If you’ve been waiting for a lithium-ion desktop UPS, the wait is now over. Vertiv™ Liebert® Power-UPS Lithium can be flexibly deployed across a wide array of home and industry applications, providing users with the benefits of long life, reliable operations, and lower total cost of ownership. In addition, many businesses will value the ability to recycle these UPSs and their batteries, decreasing their overall waste output.

Make the move to lithium-ion batteries and gain enhanced power system protection.

Learn more about Vertiv™ Liebert® Power-UPS Lithium today.

Justin Solis
Justin Solis
Justin Solis has nearly 10 years of experience in the electrical manufacturing industry and has served in program management, product management, account management, customer success, and marketing roles during that time. He is currently a Product Manager for Vertiv and is responsible for Desktop UPS offers. Justin is a graduate of Rutgers University and has an MBA from the University of Rhode Island.

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