Critical Environments: Power, Cooling, and Infrastructure


Condair’s Continuing Education

AEC Daily is a free e-learning platforms for architects, engineers, contractors, and construction professionals to expand their knowledge and earn continuing education credits. Condair’s course is a continuing education unit (CEU) and it is registered with 28 industry associations including American Institute of Architects (AIA). Why Choose AEC Daily? AEC Daily [...]

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Reimagining Buildings: Rethink and Refit for Airborne Infection Control

Modern building constructions and renovations can offer significant benefits to building occupants. They can be healthier, cleaner, and far safer when the right strategies and precautions are implemented. However, maximizing airborne infection control in healthcare settings, as well as other applications, can be complicated. Doing so depends on maintaining an environment that reduces the [...]

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13 Use Cases for Proper Humidity Control

At Condair, we strive to empower everyday businesses with proper humidity control solutions. Our customers encompass a diverse, ever-expanding range of applications and subsequent use cases. As a result, we’ve learned a lot about our clients – and how to best address their indoor environmental needs. Today, in our blog entry, let’s spotlight some [...]

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Control Indoor Humidity in Winter Conditions to Save in Multiple Ways

Old man winter has settled right in for a long visit, meaning cold temperatures, inclement weather, and a need to spend more time indoors are upon us. With that said, it’s surprising how many businesses don’t prioritize proper humidity control in their operating environments. Whether you’re a candy maker or an aerospace manufacturer, keeping [...]

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