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Gordon Stillwell founded the Gordon G. Stillwell Company in April of 1969. He specialized in air conditioning and began working out of a humble converted garage in his home. Shortly after starting his business, he realized that he needed someone with a background in heating to complement his strengths, so he asked his former associate, Paul Hansen, to assist him with some jobs he had booked. Together they formed Stillwell-Hansen Inc., and worked as a team until 1996 when Paul retired. At that time, Gordon and Carol Stillwell acquired Stillwell-Hansen. Carol, who had joined the company in 1969 as a secretary, became President and CEO, while Gordon remained active in Sales Management and acted as their mentor until his passing in 2008.

A business that has been growing for decades, Stillwell-Hansen keeps Gordon’s legacy of truthfulness, experience and dedication to our customers alive. When you join the company, it’s like becoming part of the family. And by starting a relationship with Stillwell-Hansen, you become part of a family predicated on building a foundation for the future.

Core Values

Stillwell-Hansen strives to remain a ‘best in class’ manufacturer’s representative in our market. A solutions provider, we offer premier manufactured applications to address the needs of our customers. We are noted for our integrity, responsiveness, experience, technical competence and team commitment.

We embrace the entrepreneurial attitude of our company and continue to provide and pursue opportunities for valued customers and associates to grow, develop and prosper. We also continue our drive for growth through excellence while earning a fair profit.


Stillwell-Hansen is committed to all of its endeavors, and that includes supporting philanthropic activities that help improve the lives of others. A portion of the company’s profits support nonprofit causes with a strong focus on aiding cancer, healthcare, and educational organizations. Carol Stillwell has devoted her life to philanthropic causes and serves as an advocate and major fundraiser for numerous charities that are close to her heart.

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