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Gordon Stillwell, our company’s founder, was a great mentor who taught us so much before he passed away – especially about loyalty. He created a business that was more like a family, so when you work with our team, you can feel the trust our relationship is built on. Many of our employees have worked here for decades, so their experience and dedication can also help you lay the groundwork for your business’ success.

Stillwell-Hansen (S/H) is an organization that supports knowledge and growth, and we carry on Gordon’s philosophy of mentoring by sharing experiences and giving back to the community. The “Honorary Mayor of Napa Valley,” Gordon believed that sharing a fine wine can build a bridge between people and business. He instilled that passion in us, and to celebrate it, we invite all who visit S/H to our wine cellar designed by our vice president, Glenn Pabst, in Gordon’s former office.

We have also hosted numerous get-togethers over the years in Napa Valley as a way to thank our customers, partners, and friends, as well as toast to our accomplishments and the future.


S/H holds a unique philosophy in that we strive to act as an extension of each manufacturer. Our goal has always been to seek out quality solutions to every possible HVAC and Data Center issue. This is why we only commit to represent manufacturers in the 12 northern counties of New Jersey who we believe offer a superior product.

We feel that it is our responsibility to scrutinize the various products and technologies offered in our industry and use our experience and expertise to benefit our customers. To ensure that our sales staff is on the cutting edge, we train them to reach technical proficiency with every product they represent in order to provide customized solutions for each customer’s concerns.

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