Stillwell Hansen Partnerships

Our Partners

Overall, S/H is a manufacturers’ representative known for forging partnerships with exclusive contracts. In essence, we act as an extension of each manufacturer.

We only partner with the top HVAC, Thermal Management, and Power Equipment providers to ensure quality work combined with exceptional customer service. Whether you need to satisfy the most demanding specifications for mission-critical power and business continuity, or implement efficient air distribution or energy recovery solutions, you can trust our experts.

Because we continually provide ongoing training, our associates reach technical proficiency with every product they represent. With this knowledge, they can provide ideal solutions for each customer’s unique concerns.

Vertiv | Liebert

For the last three decades, S/H has been the only authorized sales and service representative in northern New Jersey for the Vertiv Corporation. Vertiv’s globally-renowned service and support network ensures that everyone who evaluates, uses and deploys our solutions can get their questions answered 24/7.

Vertiv has over one million power and thermal management systems installed throughout more than 100 countries. With Liebert Thermal Management and Power products, we offer our customers premier manufactured solutions that will protect and cool sensitive electronics.

Our partnership with Vertiv Services shares a deliberate focus on innovation. Vertiv Services is the total solution and can provide service capability for your entire facility infrastructure, from AC and DC power and battery system service solutions to thermal management services. By partnering with them, we are able to provide top-notch solutions for power, cooling access, control, monitoring, and manageability.