Louvers & Smoke Dampers

Air Balance Inc. (ABI) has top ratings in the HVAC industry making them an easy choice for any contractors looking to buy louvers and smoke dampers. Their UL rated life safety dampers automatically protect against fire and/or smoke and their stationary louvers have been approved as high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) louvers for those in high risk hurricane zones. They have been a leading manufacturer in the industry for years providing excellent products and services.

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FS Series Fire & Smoke Damper

Air Balance offers a full selection of fire/smoke dampers. Offering Aluminum, Steel, Round, Industrial, and backdraft dampers.

  • Fire rated for 1-1/2 hours (UL-555)
  • Leakage rated as Class I, II, III or IV (UL 555S)
  • Temperature rated at 250-degrees F or 350-degrees F (UL555S)
  • Provided with a galvanized steel sleeve

Stationary And Adjustable Louvers

Our performance-improved J & K blade style louvers continue to combine outstanding performance with improved aesthetic appearance. They are available in 2″, 4″, and 6″ depths, architectural or standard mullions, a variety of shapes and finishes, and are well suited for many applications.

Access Door

Architectural Access Doors

Air Balance Inc. access doors are of all steel construction and coated with a modified epoxy primer. The coating is then baked, which activates the epoxy catalyst. This process provides a tough, corrosive resistant primed door.

Round Duct Mount

Volume Control Round in Duct Mount

Round Volume Control Balancing Damper, SingleThickness Blade, Galv. Steel 1” W.G. Max. Pressure.1500 FPM Max.Velocity

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