Liebert®️ iCOM™️ Training

Stillwell-Hansen is happy to present this training on the Liebert® iCOM™ Thermal System Monitor, guided by our Technical Service Manager, Bob Visich. During this training, you will learn hands-on extensive operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, and programming of the iCOM™ touch screen. Learn sequence of operations, set-up, programming parameters, and troubleshooting of Liebert’s standardized control platform.

Liebert®️ iCOM™️ Training

  • iCOM Operation, Controls, Programming, Hardware and Networking

  • iCOM Operation, Controls, Programming, Hardware and Networking
  • Hands-on Learning with Live Simulators

  • Completion Certificate

May 14, 2024

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

$300 / user

Hands-on training with live simulators

This comprehensive training program is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Liebert®️ iCOM™️ system, including its features and functionality. Whether you are a technician, engineer, or manager, this training program will help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to maximize the performance of the Liebert®️ iCOM™️ system.

Live Simulators
Take-Home Manuals
Hand-on Learning

Get Group Training

Private group training sessions for the Liebert iCOM system are now being offered. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to bring an instructor directly to your organization for personalized, in-house training. Private sessions are highly effective for enhancing knowledge retention and creating a comfortable learning environment for your team. Elevate your team’s proficiency in the Liebert iCOM system with our tailored private group training sessions.


1-10 People $2500 per session
11-20 People $5000 per session
Liebert® iCOM™ system

Liebert®️ iCOM™️ Downloads

iCOM-Minute Series

Welcome to our iCOM-Minute Series, where Bob Visich, our Technical Service Manager, shares his expertise on the very basics of the Liebert® iCOM™ touch screen. We are thrilled to offer you this opportunity to learn some of the basics before attending our service training. We are committed to helping you learn this advanced system with us. In this short series, you can learn how to navigate through the interface, access important information, and manage parts of your cooling system.

iCOM Minute – Episode 1



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