Condair’s commercial and residential humidification systems have provided excellence and reliability to our clients for many years.

Isothermal Humidifiers

EL Series

Electrode steam humidifier

EL-OC & RS-OC Outdoor Humidifier

Electric steam outdoor humidifier

RS Series

Resistive element steam humidifier

GS Series

Gas-fired steam humidifier

GS Outdoor Humidifier

Outdoor gas-fired steam humidifier

SE Series

Steam exchanger humidifier

OE Series

Electrode OEM Humidifier

Adiabatic Humidifier

DL Series

Hybrid humidifier

ME Series

Evaporative humidifier & cooler

HP Series

High pressure in-duct spray humidifier

Ultrasonic Humidifier

US Series

Ultrasonic humidifier

AF Series

Compressed air humidifier

MC Series

Evaporative media

Steam Distribution

AM Series

Short Absorption Manifold

AS Series

Atmospheric steam distributor

BP Series

Blower Packs

LS Series

Pressure steam humidifier


Live steam humidifier


Short evaporation steam distribution manifold

Steambath Generators

Condair Omega

Resistive steam generator

Condair Omega Pro

Resistive steam generator

Condair Sigma

Electrodes steam generator


Electrodes steam generator

Condair Spa Control Delta

Spa control box

Direct Room Spray Humidifiers

Draab NanoFog Evolution

High pressure spray humidifier

Draabe TurboFog Neo

High pressure spray humidifier

Condair ML Princess

High pressure spray humidifier

Condair ML-Solo

High pressure spray humidifier

Condair JetSpray

Compressed air & water spray humidifier

Condair Rotary Disk Atomizers

Economic misting systems

Mobile Humidifiers

Defensor PH15

Mobile evaporative purifier/humidifier

Defensor PH28

Mobile evaporative purifier/humidifier

Water Treatment Systems for Humidifiers

Condair RO-A

The ultimate scale management for steam units

Draabe Pur Systems

100% hygiene & reliability

Efficient low-pressure systems

the low-pressure mode of operation translates to significant energy savings due to the lesser compression work.

Aerosol-free air

Using the patented ceramic evaporator unit, the humidifying water is completely separated from the air current and effectively evaporated.

Effective degermination

the HygienePlus concept includes a series of measures for effective germ. neutralization. The key element here is the parented silver ionixation.

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Ideal Industries and Environments for Humidification:

Humidification for Data Centers

Humidification for Data Centers

Indoor Grow Rooms

Humidification for Greenhouses

Humidity for office buildings

Humidification for Office Buildings

Humidification for Airborne Infections

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