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Every Second Counts 

When protecting buildings and mission-critical assets, every second counts. These comprehensive fire protection systems can detect a fire in its earliest stages before it causes any collateral damage.


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Energy Generation

The best detection solutions for your business.

Fire Panels

Control panels offers you complete flexibility of early warning fire detection, voice evacuation and building process management functions.

Air Sampling

Continuously measures a room’s air quality for early signs of combustion, even before smoke is visible.

Flame Detection

Quickly identifies hydrocarbon fuel and gas fires. Operates in all weather and light conditions; triple spectrum technology provides immunity to false alarms.

Linear Heat Detection

A continuous run of heat detectors within a versatile cable; designed for use in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications and harsh environments.

Video Analytics

Uses live video technology to monitor hazards such as oil mist or overheated surfaces which are difficult to identify with other detection methods.

Gas Detection

Provides early warning of the presence of gases for occupant protection and system monitoring.

Air Sampling

AIR-Intelligence™ Smoke Detection (HSSD®)

Control Panel

ARIES® Suppression Control Unit

Linear Heat Detection


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