DOAS Series

Seresco’s Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) split units have the lowest refrigerant charge in the industry. They do not require site refrigeration work, have the lowest cost to install and are exceptionally reliable dehumidification systems. Additionally, they include there WebSentry® Technology with 24/7 internet monitoring and remote control and a one-year labor warranty on top of there standard two-year parts warranty.

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DOAS Series Dehumidifiers

Seresco made their DOAS units tougher, smaller, more energy-efficient and supremely reliable. On top of that, Seresco added the WebSentry® Technology and gave it one-year labor warranty and two-year parts warranty.

DOAS Series Advantages: 

  • WebSentry®

Real-Time Internet Monitoring & Control. Through a simple Ethernet connection (Wi-Fi and cellular network options also available), this incredible innovation allows factory engineers to remotely monitor, analyze, fine-tune or troubleshoot over 100 critical dehumidifier functions via the Internet to deliver truly exceptional product performance and reliability.

  • CommandCenter® Controller

CommandCenter is the brains behind the NE Series Indoor Pool Dehumidification System. These systems are factory equipped with a full range of unit-mounted sensors that include refrigerant pressure transducers. CommandCenter is an advanced adaptive control system with user friendly features that will provide the ultimate indoor pool environment.

  • Environmentally friendly – lowest refrigerant charge in the industry

  • Factory sealed refrigeration circuit – no site refrigeration work required to install dehumidification systems

  • Lowest installation cost

  • Two compressors and interlaced evaporator coil for effective off peak latent performance

  • Single phase electrical power available up to a 12 ton system

  • 2-sided service access for tight installations

  • Horizontal and vertical cabinet configurations

  • Premium compressor protection & corrosion resistance

  • Can be equipped with gas, electric or hot water air heating.

  • Modulating reheat for constant supply air temperature

  • Heat rejection outdoors via a dry cooler- unlimited flexibility in outdoor heat exchanger location

  • 1,000 to 5,400 CFM of air handling is the absolute smallest footprint possible, from 6 to 254 tons refrigeration

WebSentry® for Ultimate Peace of Mind

Our WebSentry® Monitoring technology redefines the concept of service and support by remotely monitoring, analyzing and
reporting on all the critical functions of your dehumidifier 24/7 – in real time via the Internet. Should maintenance be required or trouble alerts occur, WebSentry® will email your designated service personnel who have immediate, secure remote online access to your unit. Should your service technicians require assistance, Seresco’s factory service experts are ready to help

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“Our dream was to create a premium quality, environmentally friendly and simple to install split DOAS that delivered the absolute best overall performance and value in the industry.”

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