Seresco Dehumidification Systems 

Seresco is our preferred supplier of indoor pool dehumidification Systems because of their unique technologies, exceptional system performance and reliability. 

“Our dream was to create dehumidification solutions that would revolutionize the industry and set new standards for quality, performance and reliability.”

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NE Compact Series 

The NE Compact Series is our most advanced dehumidifier yet for small and medium-sized indoor pools requiring 2–16 tons of capacity. On top of the essential standard features you want with precision dehumidification equipment, the NE Compact is also packed with new and exclusive features and options that exceed your every expectation.

Ultra Corrosion- resistant titanium
Energy Saving 
Compact direct-mounted furnace

NE 200 Series

The NE 200 series dehumidifier line packs twice the dehumidification capacity into our already small footprint. It has a fully redundant system, split installation capability and serious energy savings, with scalable load management.

45-70 lbs/hr of moisture removal
3,000-16,000 CFM of air handling
Fully Modular System
Corrosion Resistance

NG Series- Dry Coolers

Outdoor Dry Coolers from Seresco are an ideal solution for your medium and large-scale fluid-cooled heat rejection needs. Our Dry Coolers use superior components and design to deliver a better heat rejection system available in capacities from 116 MBH to 2,300 MBH.

Fully-Coated Coils
Fluid Cooled System
Low maintenance motor

Compressor Wall

Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the indoor pool environment, our revolutionary patent pending Compressor Wall Technology sets entirely new industry standards for performance, reliability, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, size, weight and flexibility to deliver a truly incomparable innovation.

15 compressor modules
6 stages of scalable capacity
Plug & play replacement compressors

Hybrid Series

The Seresco Hybrid Series provides the simplicity, reliability, and efficiency of ventilation-based dehumidification for indoor pools, plus a refrigeration circuit to provide air conditioning as required.

reduce energy consumption
Advanced control algorithm
Easy to service and maintain

Performance Monitoring


WebSentry delivers incomparable value and is installed on every Seresco dehumidifier. WebSentry automatically connects securely with our remote servers and sends performance data – for the ultimate in remote monitoring for your equipment and your peace of mind.

  • 24-7 Remote Monitoring & System Control
  • Factory Service Support
  • Performance Notifications

Remote Monitoring


Parts Labor Warranty


Product Quality Index


Energy Generation

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