Custom Chiller & Boiler Plants

Systecon is a leading manufacturer of modular central plants including chiller plants, hot water and steam boiler plants, and cogeneration plants – custom designed, factory assembled, performance tested, and delivered to the worksite ready for installation. Our factory built systems minimize costs, offer less risk and shorter project schedules compared to traditional field built systems.

As a custom manufacturer, Systecon can meet project specifications for your market, including redundancy, controls, footprint and service requirements. We provide the highest quality, Custom Chiller & Boiler Plants to fit your needs and budget, while making sure you retain control over the design and implementation of your project.

Custom Prefabricated Central Chiller Plants

Systecon prefabricated central plants are custom designed, factory assembled, and performance tested to provide you with the most efficient and advanced system to fit your specific project needs. Systecon has delivered solutions for a variety of system sizes and applications, including systems from 100 to 30,000 GPM and projects from 50 to 10,000 tons in size.

Central Plants Can Integrate:

  • Chillers
    • Air-Cooled – Screw, Scroll, Reciprocating
    • Water Cooled – Centrifugal, Screw, Scroll, Modular
  • Boilers
    • Atmospheric
    • Power Assisted
    • Modular
    • Steam
  • Generators
  • Cooling Towers
    • Open Circuit – Induced Draft, Forced Draft
    • Closed Circuit – Induced Draft, Forced Draft
  • Heat Exchangers
    • Plate & Frame – Waterside Economizer, Cooling Tower Water Process Systems, Glycol Isolation Systems
    • Shell & Tube – Steam to Hot Water Systems, Process Isolation
  • Pumps
  • Controls and Wiring

Complete Solutions

A one stop solution for your project. Systecon manages and takes responsibility for every aspect of your system, which is why they are a trusted partner. We will work with Systecon for you, to make sure that your needs are being met.

Complete Solutions include:

  • Conceptual development and component selection
  • Plant design and optimization
  • Factory manufactured system
  • Factory testing and commissioning
  • Shipment to the project location and rigging
  • Reassembly, start-up and commissioning
  • Full single-source warranty and optional maintenance

Central Plant Controls

Systecon’s central plant controls combine industrial grade programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with a dedicated interface screen and remote interface devices to deliver the most robust systems guaranteed to run without failure. Using the latest PLC technology available from Allen-Bradley, Systecon’s controls can provide unmatched speed, reliability, and redundancy.


CritiChill® is an indirect evaporative cooling system with a supplemental chiller that can be bypassed as weather conditions dictate. The supplemental chiller is shut down during conditions when the evaporative cooler can efficiently cool the building and is engaged for supplemental cooling when conditions are not conducive for the evaporative cooler to handle all cooling needs.

CritiChill® Brochure

Need Servicing?

Make sure your systems stay running at optimal efficiency. Let us care for your systems throughout its entire lifecycle.


Get expert installation for your new pumping system with our service technicians.

Corrective Services

Did you system fail? Have our technicians assess and fix the problem.

Preventative Maintenance

Get monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance on your systems.

Energy Management Solutions

Let us assess your systems to see where you can reduce energy, emissions and operating costs.

Controls Monitoring

Get the best monitoring system to manage your systems health and efficiency.

Upgrade and Retrofit

Let us help you stay up-to-date on system upgrades and retrofitting’s.

Speak to a specialist abut your custom chiller and boiler plant needs! Our specialist will get back to you promptly with expert advice.

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