Critical Environments: Power, Cooling, and Infrastructure


Maximizing Sustainability and Reliability with Hybrid Eco-Systems: The Benefits of an Intelligent Power Management System

Hybrid ecosystems and their benefits in terms of sustainability, reliability, and cost savings In today's world, businesses and organizations increasingly turn to hybrid ecosystems to maximize sustainability and reliability while reducing costs. Hybrid ecosystems combine traditional, fossil fuel-based power sources with renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, battery storage systems (BESS), [...]

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Vertiv™️ Liebert®️ Power-UPS Lithium Offers Long-Lasting Battery Life for Desktop Applications

Power outages can harm mission-critical operations, whether they occur in busy retail stores, on manufacturing floors, or in work-from-home environments. When outages occur, they take down vital industry and digital operations, costing organizations productivity and lost revenues. In addition, business operations may take place in non-temperature-controlled environments, where high temperatures degrade the valve-regulated lead [...]

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