US Series Ultrasonic Humidifier

Condair is the world leader in humidification and evaporative cooling technology, creating the most appropriate solutions for every specific need. To this end, the new US Series, Ultrasonic Humidifiers, have been developed and engineered to meet the highest standards of cost-effective and efficient performance. Designed for ease of installation, simplicity of operation, reliability, energy efficiency and control accuracy, the US Series is ideally suited for many applications.

Using piezoelectric transducers operating at 1.7 MHz, the US Series generates an ultra-fine (1 – 3 micron) cool mist. This mist is then distributed directly into the space using a quiet and efficient Blower Pack. Since, unlike steam humidifiers, no water is boiled, ultrasonic technologies offer some of the lowest energy humidification on the market, decreasing direct energy costs by 90%.

Additionally, the mist cools the air slightly as it evaporates generating more potential savings.

With an easy and quick installation, the Condair US Series is available in four different capacities; Medium housing: 7 lbs/hr (3 kg/hr), 13 lbs/hr (6 kg/hr), 20 lbs/hr (9 kg/hr) and Large housing: 40 lbs/hr (18 kg/hr). The unit cabinet includes everything except the mist distribution system (Blower Pack) and water treatment.


Regular flushing cycles – Stagnant water poses a risk of microbial contamination. The US series features hourly flushing cycles (when operating) and automatic drain if no demand to prevent water stagnation. When in standby the unit will complete a full flushing cycle every 24 hours for further safety. Additionally the US series features:

  • Stainless Steel chemically polished water tank
  • UV water treatment
  • MERV 12 air intake filter
  • Antimicrobial & Antistatic internal components

Blower Pack
In space mist distribution system

  • High efficiency of absorption
  • Available built-on to humidifier or remotely installed for optimal flexibility
  • Fast absorption <12 feet
  • Antimicrobial mist channel

About Condair

With Condair humidifiers, you can select a system operating with electrode steam, subsonic air nozzles, high pressure nozzles, evaporative, steam injection, steam exchange, or gas-fired technology. Our humidifiers are used in data centers, hospitals, hot yoga studios, libraries, manufacturing facilities, museums, printing plants, and schools, just to name a few places. The Condair team marries the best engineers and creative marketers, alongside detailed production staff and a dedicated sales team; not to mention an army of in-house humidification experts. We draw upon our extensive experience to develop an ever growing range of products manufactured to our stringent ISO 9001:2000 certified quality standards that will provide our customers with maximum reliability, minimum maintenance and a choice of energy sources.