Pumping Systems

Systecon is a leading manufacturer of custom prefabricated central plants including chiller plants, hot water/steam boiler plants, and cogeneration plants; CritiChill® prefabricated indirect evaporative cooling; custom prefabricated pumping systems including VariPrime®; central plant controls; and standard pump packages.

We work with you to provide the most efficient and advanced prefabricated HVAC solution for your project – custom designed for optimization, factory assembled and performance tested, then delivered to your work site ready for installation.

All to produce the highest quality systems with lower installation and operating costs, shorter lead times, and less risk to you.

Standard Pump Packages

Standard Pump Packages provide indoor comfort systems and comprehensive facility solutions for institutional, commercial, and industrial uses.

By combining components into standard configurations, Systecon’s able to offer pump packages that cost less and require less time to manufacture…

  • All engineering is done – no custom engineering charges
  • All programming done and tested – no field work needed from factory
  • Price concessions for volume on: Pumps, VFDs, Controllers
  • No expensive factory start-up

All Systecon Standard Pump Packages come with factory mounted controls for pump sequencing and remote monitoring. Major system components include pumps, variable frequency drives, headers, and structural steel bases.

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Custom Prefabricated Pumping Systems

Prefabricated pumping systems are typically integrated within a prefabricated central plant and like all Systecon systems, are custom designed, factory assembled, and performance tested to provide the highest quality solution for your specific project.

A prefabricated pumping system can be applied to chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems. These are applicable to constant speed, primary/secondary, and variable primary systems or VariPrime® systems which include integrated chiller minimum flow bypass and control valve.

Systems can be designed for indoor or outdoor applications with several enclosure options to select from. Systecon’s OEM relationships provide your choice of system components from the top equipment brands.


VariPrime™ Systems

Systecon’s variable primary systems allow chillers to be added based on load, require less space, are redundant and provide energy savings. With Systecon’s VariPrime® pumping and controls, fast response to changes in load and proper flow through the chiller are maintained, providing the temperature control you desire while also lowering operating costs.

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When you invest in a in a high quality, efficient system for your project, you want to make sure it says in top shape and running at optimal efficiency. It makes sense for the team that designed and built your system to continue to care for it throughout its life cycle.

Systecon offers several optional services to help you minimize risks and maximize efficiencies during and after installation:

  • Installation
  • Corrective services
  • Preventive maintenance (monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • Energy management solutions
  • Controls monitoring
  • Upgrade and retrofit

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