Portable Cooling Systems (Kwikool)

Stillwell-Hansen provides a large selection of KwiKool™ portable cooling solutions from 1 ton to 5 tons available for sale, rental or leasing. Rentals available daily, weekly, monthly and weekends. Competitively priced. Call for pricing.

Portable Cooling Solutions For: Information Technology, Manufacturing, Emergency Services, Critical Space, Industry & Construction, Food Service & Hospitality.

24 Hour Emergency Service: 732-225-73636

• 1 to 5 Ton Portable Air Conditioners
• Contractor and Long-Term Discount Pricing
• Large Rental Fleet to Serve Your Application
• Local Technical Support
• Delivery Anywhere in New Jersey

About KwiKool

Founded in 1997, KWIKOOL has since become a leader and innovator in the portable industry and is proudly manufacturing in the good old US of A. They have never strived to be like the other guys. Kwikool has always taken the approach that when they design their products, they do it from the ground up and have developed them using their own ideas and innovations.