Pool Room Dehumidification (Seresco)

Feature for feature, dollar for dollar, no other manufacturer comes close to Seresco. Our technology, innovation and reliability are second to none. We also have the broadest product line in the industry to provide exactly what you need, with the options you want.

Combine that with exceptional design consulting and installation support, plus WebSentry Technology, it’s easy to understand why Seresco is the #1 choice for discriminating experts.

NE Series Dehumidifiers

Advanced Dehumidification Technology: Our NE, or Natatorium Environment line of dehumidifiers provide the very best in classic compressorized humidity control. The combination of exceptional engineering and design, plus premium components makes our NE line both energy efficient and exceptionally reliable. The NE series provides peak performance in the range of 10 to 100 lbs. per hour of moisture removal and 650 to 8,000 CFM of air handling. Although our NE line actually extends up to 1000 lbs. of moisture removal and 70,000 CFM of air handling, for larger applications requiring large refrigerant charges, our NP line has taken over as the preferred solution.

NP Series Dehumidifiers

Ingenious Innovation: Seresco's revolutionary NP or Protocol series, the biggest industry innovation in 20 years, is the future of dehumidification. In large pools, traditional dehumidifiers require a large refrigerant charge that is not just expensive, but also leads to system migration challenges that can impact compressor reliability.

NV Series Dehumidifiers

The V in NV stands for ventilation. This product line is designed for environments in which humidity can be effectively controlled by ventilation. The NV series enjoys all the technology, quality and design innovations of our mechanical refrigeration product lines, but without the compressors.

Seresco's NV series of natatorium ventilation units are designed from the ground up to deliver the same outstanding performance as our industry-leading mechanical refrigeration systems. We've applied years of natatorium engineering expertise
to create the lightest, most compact, most robust and corrosion resistant equipment possible.

OA Series Dehumidifiers

Indoor Split Outdoor Air Dehumidifiers using Protocol Technology. Like our Natatorium Protocol Series systems, our DOAS split units have the lowest refrigerant charge in the industry. They do not require site refrigeration work, have the lowest cost to install and are exceptionally reliable. We then added our WebSentry® Technology with 24/7 Internet monitoring and remote control and gave it our unprecedented one-year labour warranty, on top of our standard two-year parts warranty (with WebSentry® connected at start-up).

NG Series: Fluid Coolers

Efficient, consistent and controlled heat rejection is the heart of every cooling technology. That's why as the North American leader in natatorium dehumidification technology, we decided to build our own fluid coolers. By designing and building to Seresco's own exacting standards, we've been able to increase heat rejection performance while reducing both the size of the fluid cooler and the energy it consumes. Seresco fluid coolers also use an environmentaly friendly water/glycol mixture that delivers premium performance, exceptional energy efficiency and extraordinary life expectancy in a compact economical footprint.

CommandCenter® Controller

CommandCenter is the brains behind the NE Series Indoor Pool Dehumidification System. These systems are factory equipped with a full range of unit-mounted sensors that include refrigerant pressure transducers. CommandCenter is an advanced adaptive control system with user friendly features that will provide the ultimate indoor pool environment.


Real-Time Internet Monitoring & Control. Through a simple Ethernet connection (Wi-Fi and cellular network options also available), this incredible innovation allows factory engineers to remotely monitor, analyze, fine-tune or troubleshoot over 100 critical dehumidifier functions via the Internet to deliver truly exceptional product performance and reliability.

WebSentry® is Seresco’s revolutionary approach to ensuring peak dehumidifier performance and the absolute lowest overall cost of ownership in the industry. It’s also one of the reasons Seresco is the #1 choice for discriminating engineers, contractors, owners and service technicians.

About Seresco

Renowned Industry Leading Technology & Innovation. Seresco builds each and every dehumidifier with technology and features that set the industry standard for performance, reliability and value. For applications ranging from small indoor spas to massive waterparks, we manufacture the largest, most comprehensive product line available. Compare us to the competition and you’ll see instantly why we’re the #1 choice for discriminating customers!