March 5, 2019

Technology CoffeeTalk:
How the Indoor Climate Impacts Both Humans and Microbes

Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch
Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc.

Thomas Klein
Nortec Humidity, Eastern Regional Manager

THE COFFEE IS ON US! Please join Stillwell-Hansen, Dr. Stephanie Taylor and Nortec Humidity on Tuesday, March 5th for an exclusive seminar. You will learn about – The relationship between humidity levels, and infections. Including products that could be used in hospital environments, optimal humidity levels to limit bacteria, virus transmissions, and hospital acquired infections.


Understanding the intersection of buildings, indoor microbes and humans is not simply theoretically interesting; it has also become an urgent topic for hospitalized patients. Healthcare-associated infections, often from antibiotic resistant bacteria, are claiming the wellbeing and lives of hundreds of thousands of patients per year in the US alone. How much does the design, operation and management of the hospital building contribute to this epidemic of HAIs?

Learn how indoor spaces can truly support human health and get ready to be totally amazed by the healing potential of the built environment. For those still unconvinced, the business case for these interventions will be presented. Best of all, these findings apply to all building types, not just hospitals. This presentation will excite the audience about the value of building design and maintenance in preserving health. They will also have clear take-away strategies to manage their own surroundings to improve their health and productivity.


Tuesday, March 5th
8:30 am – 11:00 am

Stillwell-Hansen Training Center
3 Fernwood Ave, Edison, NJ 08818