The Leader in Custom HVAC

Energy Labs is the premium manufacturer of custom air handling, Air cooled, and evaporative cooled roof top DX units, Indirect and Direct Evaporative Cooling and energy recovery systems. Very few companies have the breadth of expertise in such a wide range of custom air conditioning disciplines. Their systems have been selected for some of the most challenging applications in the industry.

Energy Labs is the company of choice for large institutional buildings, including those with the most demanding, specialized and energy-efficient environments, such as hospitals, universities, schools, performing-arts centers, data centers, laboratories and office buildings.

Data Center Hybrid Cooling System

The new Energy Labs IDDeX unit, it is no longer necessary to install expensive to operate and space consuming Legacy systems utilizing Computer Room Air-Conditioning (CRAC) units to achieve proper conditions and insure system reliability. With fewer more efficient IDDeX systems, Operating Expense is reduced to the absolute minimum, below all other types of Data Center systems.

Many combinations of components are available to customize the design for local ambient conditions as well as supply air requirements. Sizes available range from 25,000 CFM up to 150,000 CFM per unit and cooling capacities up to 500 TR.

Custom Air Handling Units

Energy Labs custom Air Handling systems are the premium solutions for controlling building environments. Our custom air handlers are available in many configurations, sizes, capacities and materials built to customer specification. We provide complete customized systems for cooling, heating, humidification and air filtration.

Thermal Break Units

Energy Labs thermal break air handling are designed and manufactured with thermal break foam injected panels.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling Units

Even though Energy Labs has been building indirect evaporative cooling for over 30 years, demands for energy efficiency make this technology even more relevant today. Over the years, they have designed systems with EER’s exceeding 100. Their indirect evaporative cooling allows engineers and owners to get the efficiency benefit of water evaporation without concern for water carryover into the building. In addition, they can design the indirect evaporative heat exchanger to be used for heat recovery when ambient conditions requiring heating. Applications include 100% outside air, and multi-stage systems that combine indirect evaporative cooling with DX, chilled water or direct evaporative components. Indirect evaporative systems perform very well in dry climates with high dry bulb temperatures. Energy Labs Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems are available in many different sizes and configurations and can be customized for any project.

Direct Evaporative Cooling Units

Direct Evaporative cooling has gained popularity and rapid acceptance because the process relies on the direct evaporation of water to produce significant cooling and humidification with extremely low energy consumption while eliminating any need refrigerants. Even with all the sophisticated technology available, direct evaporative cooling is still the simplest, most cost-effective method of cooling and humidification for air.

Air Cooled Custom DX Units

Energy efficient DX systems at 10-25% higher efficiency than conventional DX systems. Our systems can be designed to approach the operating cost of more expensive chilled water systems. Standard size ranges are from 15-400 tons and custom sizes up to 1000 tons. Condenser coils are mounted in a “V” arrangement to maximize the available coil surface area for a given height of unit. Coils are counter flow with integral liquid sub cooling. Standard condenser coils are manufactured with 3/8” diameter copper tubes with a 0.020” tube thickness. Condenser Coils are a minimum of three rows deep with a maximum of twelve fins per inch fin spacing. Fins can be aluminum, or copper with additional special coatings available. All units are available with refrigerants R410 or R134.

Evaporative Condensing DX Package Systems

Energy Labs offers a series of Evap. Condensed custom DX package units which can be configured to meet your air-conditioning application requirement. Evaporative cooled units are available from 50 to 400 TONS. Larger sizes are available upon request.

About Energy Labs Inc.

Energy Labs Inc. designs and manufactures air handling units, air cooled units, evaporative cooled roof top DX units, and indirect and direct evaporative cooling and energy recovery systems. The company offers custom air handler units, thermal break units, indirect evaporative cooling units, air cooled DX package units, evaporative condensing DX systems, package units, and data center hybrid cooling systems; and components, such as optiline fan array products, access doors, filtration products, fans, coils, dampers, louvers, vibration isolation products, acoustical control devices, control systems, and electrical panels. The company provides its products for large institutional buildings, including hospitals, universities, schools, performing-arts centers, data centers, laboratories, and office buildings; and electronics, manufacturing, aerospace, and research facilities in the United States. It offers its products through its sales representatives in the United States. Energy Labs Inc. was founded in 1974 and is based in San Diego, California. As of January 16, 2018, Energy Labs Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Vertiv Group Corporation.