Data Center Products

Vertiv, a global technology company, protects and optimizes critical infrastructure for data centers, communication networks, and healthcare, higher education, manufacturing and industrial facilities.

HVAC Services

HVAC Products

We partner with over a dozen industry-leading manufacturers to provide a range of innovative and comprehensive HVAC solutions.

Fire Protection/Detection

Stillwell-Hansen offers a wide variety of Fire Protection and Detection solutions. Select from one of the Fire protection solutions.

Health & Safety Solutions

Stillwell-Hansen offers a wide variety of Health & Safety Training and services for your staff and organization. From full facility audit’s to getting your staff OSHA certified, Stillwell-Hansen offers it all!

At S/H, we take pride in our identity as a solutions provider. We have found solutions to the most complex technical issues involving applications, project management, start-up, and service of all our products. We constantly strive to provide a solution to customer’s individual concerns, as well as solutions that can improve efficiency in our industry in general.

Our Partners